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Nakita-lynn-hot webcam girlBefore even becoming a hot cam girl you need to ask yourself a few important questions. First of all why do you want to be a cam girl? Maybe you need the money, or maybe your an exhibitionist or maybe you just like to have free sex and are looking for a way to do so? Whatever the reason you need to be sure this is the right thing for you. Once you turn on that webcam for the first time, there is no turning back. There might be and will be naked pictures of you on the internet. So make sure you can live with that! There is no way around it you need to be ready to be seen...naked. You might even become a webcam star so get ready and make sure you understand the consequences of the choice you are making.


logitech webcamNow that you have thought it through and you are ready, you need a few things. First of all you need a good webcam, Hd if possible and in your budget. There are a lot of great webcams out here for a good price. My next webcam will definitely be a wireless webcam. I will be on livefreefun and take my viewers anywhere I want. For now I am using Logitech Pro 9000 PC Internet Camera Webcam with 8.0-Megapixel Video Resolution and Carl Zeiss Lens Optics. I like it but every person has different needs and budget. I got mine on Amazon for a very reasonable price. You can buy a 3D cam or HD, some have facial recognition and some adjust the light automatically there are so many choices to choose from. Here is a great place to find your perfect webcam with a 2011 review of the top ten best webcam reviews and comparisons. Hope it helps you find which one is right for you. Logitech has a great choice of webcams and i have yet to be disapointed!Make sure you invest in a good webcam, the better the camera, the better the quality, the better you will look and the more people you will have in your chatrooms.


You will also need a computer. Now a days almost every household has one. You can use portable or not. I personally bought a small portable computer that I dedicated to my webcaming. Keeping all my pictures videos and personal info in that computer only. You can choose from a variety of computers here, or you can visit your local electronic store.


good and bad lighting examples for becoming a hot camgirl
Let me explain the importance of this point. If you are in a dark room, your webcam image will be very pixelated and shadows will overwhelm your face and body and give you either a disturbing look or an unpolished look. Before opening your webcam to outsiders, make a few lighting tests. Make sure that the lighting advantages you and your body. Better lighting will give you perfect skin and will make you look better than ever on cam. I personally bought for 40$ a fluorescent lighting rack with florescent tubes that imitate light of day which is like being out in the sunlight so you can imagine the difference it makes on your skin. This will make the difference between you looking like an amateur and you looking like a pro. The investment is minimal and the results are enormous.


High speed internet is a must. If you do not have a high speed connection you can still cam but some people do not like it when it lags or when the connection stops and cuts. Plus if you are in a private and the connection is weak you might lose your private chat and therefor not make any money.


Of course you already know you have to be 18 + and you will have to show a proof of age. You need to have a good personality and be able to flirt on cam. Flirting will be your best friend and your biggest money maker. If you know how to seduce, you will make alot of money caming and you will also have alot of fun. So get naked, chat and have a free live chat with tons of hot amazing people!!


Once your papers have been signed, sent in and approved, you will be ready to create your profile. Choose a name (not your real one of course) that suits you, that is attractive, and that means something. Be original! Here are a few examples; MzBootylicious, SweetIsabellaX, SweetWild, SoftSensation and so many more. Just look around and find something that is for you and be original. Don't forget, your fans will be calling you that name so you must love it and adapt to it. Once your name is chosen, you must create your profile. Add sexy pictures, videos, descriptions, anything about you. Look around at other profiles and see what others are saying. Make sure it describes you a not someone else. Add you interests, fantasies and what you’re into so people with the same interests can find you. For example, don’t write anal if you’re not into anal because you will have people asking for it every day. There are different categories, you need to choose the appropriate ones for you. Are you a lesbian, pornstar, foot fetish, you like anal? You need to fill in the right info for your profile so you can be found by category. Make sure you have good descriptions and are flirtatious even in writing your profile. People will choose to cam with you because of what is written in your profile so its content is crucial. Your profile pic must be amazing. This what will sell you. It has been proven that those with bad profile pictures get a lot less traffic in their chat rooms. Don’t give too much away in your picture, you must be desirable and leave some for the imagination, if you give everything away they might not be as curious to see you in person. The goal is to get them in your chat room, once they are there, it’s up to you beautiful personality and sexy body to do the rest and keep them there.
LiveFreeFun good profile example
Now you know the basics for becoming a hot camgirl, find your right web site ( I personally use LiveFreeFun you can find my profile there and even have a naughty sex chat with me) get a webcam, become a model and make some easy money right from your home! You'll never want to work any where else again! The images used in this blog post were taken from here,here,here and here

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Kelly Love kiss
My name is Kelly Love and I am a LiveFreeFun cam girl.

I’ve been a cam girl for a few years now and I definitely know my way around a webcam! I got into webcamming a little while back and it totally came unexpectedly. For the full story on how I became a webcam girl you can visit my blog "Diary of a webcam girl" No need in me repeating my story right? Nothing really glorious about it! Just your normal cute girl gets into web camming for the thrill and money story! If you want to get to know me and why I do what I do then it’s a great place to start. It’s the basics of who I am and what I like. If you want to follow my webcam adventures you can also check out my other blogs and even follow me on all my social networks which you can easily find in the side bar.


This blog will be everything concerning webcams all the way from which webcam to use, how to webcam sex, through to how to register as a member or as a model. Whatever you want to know about LiveFreeFun and webcams I hope I can answer. If ever I do not answer your questions or you need more specific information, please feel free to contact me and I will try to answer to the best of my abilities. I do not have every answer but I will try and find it for you.


LiveFreeFun front page
Before I even became a cam girl it took me days, even weeks to find the right webcam platform for me. I finally decided that LiveFreeFun was perfect. It doesn’t mean that LiveFreeFun is right for you; it just means LiveFreeFun was right for me! I actually stumbled upon it by accident with a Google research and ended up spending the night there exploring. I then did a little more research on the web site and asked few cam girls on forums where they did their shows and which was their favorite platform to work with. All answers seemed to collide and the majority was set for LiveFreeFun. I then decided to spend some time exploring. One night I had an amazing experience which made me certain of the choice I was making. If you read my article above on “How I became a Webcam girl” then you know what I am talking about. I set my heart on LiveFreeFun and went for it for these principal reasons.
  • The enormous traffic (best reason of all, explanation not needed)
  • The geo-restriction (so my family wont stumble upon me doing the naughty)
  • The incredible amount of hot cam girls (To get wet before a show)
  • The many different categories (Easier research of your interests)
  • The possibilities of a Gold Show (Fun times)
  • The constant interactions with people interested in the same things as me (same interests = so much more pleasure for everyone!)
  • The fact that people could rate my awesomeness (Just because I am that awesome)
  • The simplicity of it all (I hate to waste my time with things that could be so simple but are so hard. Don’t get me wrong, I like hard things but only when they are between my legs)
LiveFreeFun front page


There are so many different sites to choose from it sometimes is overwhelming. I will try and eventually write about every webcam website so you can get a good idea of what is what and can make an enlightened decision as to which website to choose. Different people have different needs, but whether you are here to find free live sex or if you’re here because like me you want to be a webcam girl I will explore all these options in hopes of bettering your overall experience with webcams.
So whatever you will choose or whatever you need to explore I hope that this simple LiveFreeFun cam girl can answer your never ending questions about camming, webcam girls and webcam websites. Once you discover the wonderful world of webcam sex there is no turning back! Are you ready?